Our top three kit suggestions for

COVID-19 safe shoots

The most popular kit we supply to our agency clients, freelancers and crew, to keep setlife safe and comply with filming guidelines.

Live U Solo+

Stuck on a location with unreliable wi-fi or ethernet?
Well, this is an ideal way to send a full HD image and audio to Directors or clients kept off-set by COVID restrictions.

Bonded Modems

Using four 4G modems, this clever solution bonds together signals from each modem – plus wi-fi and ethernet if they’re available. It then delivers the signal to a password-protected URL that can be viewed using a regular web browser.

This is the real beauty of the system, as client-side there’s no special software to download, it  just works over their browser of choice.


Accepting either HDMI or SDI signals, the system is incredibly simple to use, and once it’s online, if there are any issues, we can control the unit for your remotely.

Once it’s on all the camera operator or assistant needs to do is press a single button to start the stream, and press it once again to stop.

Compact and lightweight

The unit itself is small and light enough to be able to clip onto your belt. We’ve even attached it to the back of both an Easy and Ready Rig without compromising our balance.

Meanwhile the client can deliver their feedback via phone or laptop having viewed a rock-solid full HD image with high-quality audio.

How can we help?

If you’re interested we’ve got a very brief case study of how we’ve used the Solo+ on a job here. However, if you’d rather just chat about how you’d like to use it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Teradek Serv Pro

As COVID regulations now stop all crew members crowding around one monitor, unsurprisingly our next selection is another monitoring solution.


With a radius of 300ft, this Wi-Fi based system efficiently expands
on-set monitoring, as each unit supports ten devices. It also comes at minimal cost and with minimal extra equipment to slow you down.

Free App

Anyone who needs to receive a signal can download the free VUER app. It’s iOS and Android compatible so they can view the image on their phone or tablet. As the user will be utilising their own device, it’s a very COVID safe solution. It also means less equipment for you to prep and keep charged on set.

Professional Features

The VUER app has many features you’d find on a professional monitor – waveform monitor, false colour etc. That said, the two-second latency means it’s not suitable for focus pullers. It is however ideal for script supervisors, clients, producers, hair and make-up or even Directors if you’re travelling light.


Very much the production Swiss Army knife of the moment, the ATEM Mini Pro ISO is a ridiculously compact piece of kit. Capable of ISO recording all four HDMI inputs and the mix directly onto an SSD drive, it’s very powerful too.

DaVinci Project

Along with the media files, this incredible box also saves a DaVinci project file alongside. It preserves any cuts and transitions you’ve made on the mixer, allowing for super-fast turnarounds in the edit.


Did we mention it can simultaneously livestream the output as well?

Camera Control

There’s too much to cover here about everything this box can do, particularly once it’s hooked up to your laptop. Then you can make use of the advanced audio mixing, stills media player and even control compatible Blackmagic cameras.


Powerful and highly portable, it’s the one-stop-shop for delivering live and pre-recorded web events on time and on budget.

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