Closer Look

Lifebuoy: GoPro body rig for children

Client • Weber Shandwick
Project • Lifebouy Soap

For this shoot Weber Shandwick asked us to design an on-body camera rig to be worn by different children, to give an over-the-top-of-the-head view of their hands, as they touched the hundreds of objects they put their grubby mitts on over a twenty four hour period.

Given the creative needed a UGC feel and the camera needed to be safe, light and comfortable enough for young children to wear, we built a carbon fibre rig to support a GoPro, along with a super lightweight Paralinx Dart wireless transmitter.

The young cast were able to run, sit, scoot, climb and swing with the rig on, and Director/Producer Sam Gunn could direct via a wireless monitor.


Produced and Directed by Weber Shandwick

Kit and crew provided by Eve’ll Media

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