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Rooster Teeth – Achievement Haunter:

Fixing for ghosthunting us crew


Client • Rooster Teeth
Project • Achievement Haunter

When the Rooster Teeth crew arrived from Austin, Texas to shoot episodes of their Achivement Haunter series, we were able to facilitate their production so they could travel with just a skeleton crew and a minimum of producution essentials.

Arriving with locations and a shooting plan already in place, Rooster Teeth needed us to fill in the gaps – namely kit, crew, talent, logistics and production support.

Their two spooky locations were Michelham Priory in Sussex and The Hellfire Caves in Buckinghamshire, and for both we provided all of the elements they required – casting extras, sourcing kit, crew, catering and accomodation – a one-stop shop to make their filming experience as straightforward as possible, so their team could concentrate on making the content.


Kit. crew and logistics provided by Eve’ll Media