Closer Look

Wolters kluwer – keep pushing

Client • Fight or Flight
Project • Keep Pushing

Working up the brief from a concept originated by our client (PR company Fight or Flight), this B2B film for Wolters Kluwer needed to immediately engage and then retain viewers once it was posted on LinkedIn.

To meet the aim of the brief we needed to draw a parallel between the  risks of space expoloration and the development of vaccines for life threatening viruses, which we did by using strong visuals and sound design to immediately intrigue the viewer, before leading them through a CGI airlock  into a laboratory.

Shot between the first two lockdowns, production was complicated by lack of access to actual laboratories (which were all in use for COVID research) and shortage of PPE for the costumes. In the end we had to build a laboratory set in a studio, taking great care to make it as realistic as possible.

As the clients were  unable to attend the shoot from France and Germany, we provided a live video link so they could feedback their comments in real time.

Creative Development, production and post-production by Eve’ll Media

“Fight or Flight’s ethos is to help B2B brands to provoke a response to deliver greater business impact, and that is just what Eve’ll Films helped us deliver. They brought their creativity and production experience to our brief, turning it into a cinematic reality that evoked the emotional response we were looking for. Our clients were really happy with the final film, particularly once it went live and exceeded even our estimations of how well it was going to perform.”

David Woodward

Managing Partner, Fight or Flight